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The hybrid AsiaBerlin Summit will take place from 4 to 10 October offline and online to discuss new trends and cross-border collaboration between Asian and Berlin startup ecosystems. Wondering what topics we will focus on this year? Here is a look at the five main focus tracks, which will constitute 15 panels over the first two days. We are thrilled to cover topics such as startup-corporate collaboration, the history of LGBTQI rights, the impact of community in building a startup ecosystem- all covered under these five tracks. Here is a look at the main tracks : 


Different continents, countries, and cultures perceive new technologies around digitalization in different ways, which is clearly reflected in their attitudes and actions with regard to entrepreneurship.  How do potential stakeholders of a local ecosystem get involved in, engage, and collaborate with one another? How can startup and digital sectors connect with education and science institutions, local politics, and general society? Focusing on specific regions we’ll explore these questions and more, raising and analyzing the difficulties (and solutions) that can occur in international cooperations. From identifying the steps to take and questions to ask when wanting to take your business overseas, this track will support anyone looking to cross borders into new territories.

Female Entrepreneurship/Diversity/LGBTQI

They say change is in the air. Albeit at a much slower pace than many of us would like. But, it is happening. Slowly but surely we’re seeing more and more public faces that actually represent the audiences they stand for. From minority movements and grassroots campaigns to organizations making themselves publicly accountable for the diversity of their executive boards, we’re finally seeing the change we’ve always wanted. One such organization working to help keep pushing for a more diverse workforce is New Work, who are radically readdressing company culture … for the better. This track is for everyone who wants to come together in a safe space to share and discuss how and what industry-wide changes can be implemented to keep driving real and diverse representation. 

We’ll further explore the journey that New Work has taken in its mission to change its own culture, also looking at the positive outcomes of mentoring for members of a minority in the workplace.

Social Entrepreneurship

At this point in our technological evolution and innovation, what can we be doing beyond founding the next gaming, e-commerce, or SAAS startup, instead of looking to create something with greater social impact? Utilizing the internet, social media and influencers, social entrepreneurs and innovators have more opportunities than ever before to reach the maximum audiences.  Social innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress.

These solutions often require the active collaboration of constituents across government, business, and the nonprofit world. But how does one set up and, more importantly, grow a company that doesn’t produce an accountable profit?

Smart City | Urban Tech | Green Tech | Climate Tech

In an age where the health of our planet is at the forefront of our minds, we’ll be focusing on the holistic developments of Smart City concepts in Asia and Europe, where technology is used to create cleaner, greener and more socially inclusive cities. We’ll ask the difficult questions around the impact of our daily lives and needs on the natural environment, the journey required of the industry, to what role startups can play in an industry where potential appears limitless. Join us for a deep dive into one of the most challenging discussions of our time.


For just over a decade now, the otherwise reserved, finance sector has been making headlines as its technologies and ways of working have undergone mass disruption. Ranging from new (digital) business models, intuitive and more individualized customer-centric solutions to a new generation of B2B clients and B2C users. But as disruption flipside, these steady and long-established financial institutions, the topic of trust themes many of the conversations around the new changes. Why should we trust these new upstarts? Which challenges have they really solved? Why, when looking at the rise in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies should we trust something we cannot see or physically engage with?


Apart, from these above mentioned focus tracks, we will be covering , healthtech and blockchain as focus tracks for the satellite events.


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The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Skalitzer Straße 85/86
10997 Berlin

Note: satellite events take place at various addresses