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This year at AsiaBerlin Summit (12 to 16 September), we have a new direction – SDGs. But, as we dive into how we can contribute to global sustainable development through impact-driven innovation, the premise of AsiaBerlin remains the same- connecting startup ecosystems across Asia and Berlin. 

The SDGs are thematically divided into five topics encompassing all global aspects: People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace, and Partnerships.

On each day of the Summit, we offer our makers and network partners attractive and interactive slots and possibilities to present their visions and products. The program offers a unique projection – and interaction – surface for innovative and groundbreaking ideas and concepts. The thematic diversification offers the possibility of a structured yet highly customizable presentation of all present companies and startups.


What kind of topics are covered by each pillar?

The summit’s first day will feature a high-level political opening in the morning, followed by presentations on the three themes of the “5Ps”. On the second day, two further topics will determine the content matrix of the summit. Our offerings to all makers contain interaction spots, walking tours or lightning talks, a high-level interactive digital Summit TV format, a metaverse room, and NFT exhibitions. Read more here. 



In the first P, we focus on PEOPLE: In this thematic block, we offer the opportunity to present ideas and products on all relevant issues of humanity. This includes topics such as female entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, diversity, women in STEM, women in leadership, gender advocacy, LGBTQ+ representation in tech and business, and many other thematic options that circle around society and human interaction in society and the economy.



A second P will illuminate all facets of the topic of PROSPERITY: How can we build justice and equity in the international economic and financial sectors? How can we deal with topics like banking the unbanked, decentralization and the future of work, and how to avoid greed and inequality in the field of fintech? This theme will also tackle art tech and creative industries as essential building blocks for global prosperity.



With the third P, we face the overall topic of our PLANET: The rising topics of Agri-Food and Water-Tech will showcase the enormous challenges and opportunities that we will have to answer in the coming decades when it comes to the equitable supply of food and energy for the entire world population. In this P-theme, we will also look at the elementary challenges and possible solutions in BlueTech, GreenTech, Clean Energy, Climate Change and Smart City.



The fourth P will lead to all relevant aspects of the future of PEACE: How will humanity answer the question of digital peacebuilding? Socially relevant phenomena like hate speech mitigation require intelligent and sustainable technical solutions. How can social cohesion be established even in times of whistle-blowing? The peaceful coexistence of the global society depends on developing and establishing policy making and data protection. 



With our fifth P, we match all relevant aspects of PARTNERSHIPS: These include health-tech and edu-tech, which must develop possible solutions for the elementary areas of health and education. We will showcase the power of partnerships and global networks, proving the theme of the common strength. This pillar also focuses on steps and insights into building stable and sustainable partnerships within the framework of industry 4.0 partnerships, investment partnerships, and corporate partnerships.

Here is a look at the Program schedule around the five pillars:

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The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Skalitzer Straße 85/86
10997 Berlin

Note: satellite events take place at various addresses