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Jakarta and Berlin successfully commenced the certification and closing of the Program Designers Lab, an initiative of the project Smart Change with the contribution of 24 Startup Support Organizations from Indonesia 

Program Designers Lab, the training tool for Startup Support Organizations (SSOs) to implement entrepreneurship programs for startups in Jakarta, was recently concluded with a Demo Day and Certification Ceremony. The program that has been conducted since August 2021, successfully gathered 24 SSOs from various backgrounds, such as incubators, accelerators, studios, university-based entrepreneurship centers, and governmental incubators, to not only build the connection among SSOs and with the Jakarta Smart City but also to improve capacities through 3 series of bootcamps that involved 14 national and international mentors and experts.

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta and the State Government of Berlin are jointly implementing the project “Smart Change”, funded by the European Union, to improve integrated urban development through their city partnership. The partnership supports the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development by accelerating digital transformation and the City 4.0 transformation programme of Jakarta.  

In collaboration with Prasetia and Ecoxyztem, the program catalyzed 6 SSOs finalists in developing collaborative proposals to implement initiatives in a second or third tier city in Indonesia. In the Demo Day, Jakarta Smart City certified 24 SSOs for enhancing entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jakarta. The event itself is part of the Jakarta Future City Forum 2021.

“Smart City is not only about technology but also about how we build the ecosystem by collaboration through engagement with various stakeholders, including collaboration with Startup Support Organizations. With this event Jakarta Smart City would like to say thank you and congratulations for 24 Startup Support Organizations that had finished three series of bootcamps to bring more quality, harmonization and standardization of the startup support landscape as well as link the key stakeholders of the Jakarta entrepreneurship ecosystem. We would like to officially certify and build a stronger collaboration with the 24 Startup Support Organization. May the collaboration bring a bigger impact for all of the citizens of Jakarta,’ said Yudhisthira Nugraha, D. Phil, Director of Jakarta Smart City at the certification ceremony.

The six finalists of Startup Support Organisations at the Demo Day are Apiary, New Energy Nexus, Social Innovation Acceleration Program (SIAP), a consortium of Supernova Ecosystem-Easybiz, and SociopreneurID. All Have been selected as the top 6 SSOs submitting potential program proposals to implement a green or climate tech program in a secondand third tier cities in Indonesia. The winner of the demo day will be awarded collaboration with the GIZ – MAKE IT Alliance to implement the program through two-steps proposal evaluation. Furthermore, the closing of Program Designers Lab (PDL) provides a networking opportunity for all PDL SSOs participants to get connected with ecosystem supporters, to further sustain the impact in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

“We are pleased and proud to be part of the organizer as well as part of the huge milestone in building a stronger startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jakarta. We, from Ecoxyztem and Prasetia have learnt a lot from all inspiring participants who came from 24 SSOs and would like to express our highly appreciation for the cooperation and support from Smart Change, and Jakarta Smart City team. Let’s keep the connection alive and escalate the impact through comprehensive collaboration especially to overcome the challenges that we face post-pandemic COVID 19” said Jonathan Davy, CEO of Ecoxyztem in the closing remark.


Smart Change “STRENGTHENING URBAN GOVERNANCE, PROSPERITY, AND INNOVATION IN JAKARTA”, funded by the European Union, is implemented jointly by the Jakarta Provincial Government and the State Government of Berlin. The project is promoting integrated urban development through the city partnership as well as supporting the triangular cooperation with Bangkok. The partnership supports the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development by accelerating digital transformation and the Smart City 4.0 transformation program of Jakarta. The project is the result of a long-term cooperation within the framework of the Berlin-Jakarta sister city partnership and the German-Asian startup platform and network Asia Berlin. “Smart Change” is part of Jakarta Smart City work plan “Smart Collaboration”.


Jakarta Smart City is a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) under the Jakarta Department of Communication, Informatics, and Statistics. In the journey of transforming Jakarta into a smart city, Jakarta Smart City embodies 4 main principles, namely Mobile First, System and Data Tech, Digital Xperience, and Smart Collaboration. These principles are the credo of Jakarta Smart City in developing products and services and realizing the smart city 4.0 ecosystem to improve the quality of life and create happiness for the citizens of Jakarta. It aims at transforming and boosting the city’s evolution towards the government as a collaborator instead of as an administrator.

ABOUT PT Prasetia Dwidharma 

Prasetia was founded in 2008 and has grown to become a major player in the industry with four divisions under the company: telecommunication and infrastructure contractor, information and communication technology, business process outsourcing, and investment. Prasetia Investment has invested in technology companies since 2016. Focusing on early-stage B2B Startups, Prasetia has backed more than 100 scalable and fast-growing Startups in various industries across SEA (predominantly in Indonesia) & the United States via regular invitations from Y Combinator. Prasetia supports them in planning and executing company strategies so that they are ready for the growth stage.

ABOUT Ecoxyztem 

Ecoxyztem is a venture builder specializing in the ClimateTech verticals. Ecoxyztem enables ecopreneurs to solve climate challenges at scales and work with entrepreneurs through their development stages with venture building methodology: X-Seed program, Ympact Lab, and Zinergi Platform. More info could be obtained in

ABOUT Program Designers Lab

The Program Designers Lab (PDL) is part of the Smart Change program that focuses on providing a tool and certification for support organizations (SSOs) to create stronger support for startups, improve the entrepreneurship ecosystem for startups in Jakarta, and also address some commonly faced challenges by SSOs, such as entrepreneur sourcing, building a reliable and high-performing mentor pool, managing organization’s program financials, and also provide potential financing for the organization, particularly as coping strategies towards the impacts of the pandemic. By incorporating international and local exchange, joint learning, capacity building, and multi-stakeholder collaboration, the certification program is expected to help SSOs in Jakarta.


The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Skalitzer Straße 85/86
10997 Berlin

Note: satellite events take place at various addresses