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Bridging Horizons: AsiaBerlin’s Delegation Trip to India


Berlin Goes India may have ended but it was an exhilarating and remarkable experience for all the delegates who embarked on this transformative journey. This trip was divided into 2 parts, Delhi and Bangalore. We unveiled the goals, triumphs, and exciting roadmap ahead as we navigate the intersection of Berlin’s thriving tech scene and the limitless potential of India’s dynamic markets.

Delhi Diaries

Touching down in Delhi for the kickoff of our Berlin Goes India Trip was just the beginning of this exhilarating adventure. The 2 days have been a whirlwind of innovation, collaboration, and deep dives into the pulse of India’s business landscape. The journey took us to the heart of the investing scene at the Indian Angel Network, where we gained invaluable insights and perspectives that transcend borders. From there, we accelerated into the future with axlr8r formula racing, encountering the ingenious minds of IIT’s undergraduate students crafting an open-wheeled electric formula race car. Finally, the expedition in New Delhi concluded with a rendezvous at Startup India, a hub pulsating with the energy of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. It’s been more than meetings; it’s been a symphony of exciting conversations, enriching experiences, and a captivating glimpse into the vibrant culture that defines this dynamic city. The stage is set, and the journey has only just begun!

Bangalore Extravaganza

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley and heartbeat of India’s tech revolution, welcomed us with open arms, marking the next exhilarating chapter of our delegation journey. The warmth of the welcome reception at the residence of The German Consulate General of Bangalore set the tone for an inspiring evening filled with luminaries. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Siddaramaiah, the esteemed ambassador of Germany, Dr. Phillip Ackermann, together with distinguished delegation from Düsseldorf, all gathered with the brightest innovators from India working on impactful solutions. 

Diving into the tech symphony, the Bengaluru Tech Summit’s opening ceremony, themed “Life is all about breaking boundaries,” was nothing short of a spectacle. Karnataka Deputy CM, DK Shivakumar, kicked off the event, with the German Ambassador joining in to applaud India’s UPI and share a video featuring Germany’s Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Volker Wissing. 

Featured on a captivating panel discussion at the Bengaluru Tech Summit, our delegates, including Achim Burkart (General Consul of Bangalore), Rishi Anand, Sphatika Chandra Ramanath, Suby Valluri, Alpay Ece, and Amrita Gandikota, took center stage in a full-house event. Delving into the motivations behind exploring India for business expansion, our delegates shared compelling reasons, citing India’s standing as one of the world’s three largest economies, a robust talent pool for fintech and other industries, and a sense of pride in reconnecting with the Indian diaspora. The power of having a ‘foot in each door’ emerged as a theme, highlighting the synergy between Berlin’s vibrant startup ecosystem and India’s tech talent. Founders emphasized the crucial role of platforms like the AsiaBerlin Network in building bridges and fostering collaboration between these dynamic innovation hubs.

Our days in Bangalore have been nothing short of action-packed, filled with workshops that provided deep insights into the intricate tapestry of ‘many Indias.’ A thought-provoking workshop by Swissnex India unravelled the diverse business and cultural landscapes across India’s 28 states, 20 languages, and varied economic situations. As the tech pulse quickened, WRI India hosted a workshop, sharing case studies and valuable insights for startups navigating the intricate realm of government partnerships. 

Transitioning seamlessly from Berlin to India, we were thrilled to host a captivating AsiaBerlin community event in Bangalore. On November 30, the stage was ablaze with our six delegates passionately pitching their businesses, unraveling the motivations behind their presence in Berlin, and unveiling their pursuit of business opportunities in India. The networking session that ensued was a delightful mingling of brilliant entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals, making it an energizing and inspiring night. 

Beyond the pitches, our journey delved into the heart of innovation at NSRCEL, the flagship business incubator of IIM Bangalore. A non-profit institution dedicated to supporting innovators and financing startups, NSRCEL has incubated nearly 600 ventures, contributing to over 6900 direct jobs and a collective valuation exceeding $1.5 billion. Our explorations extended to a insightful conversation with investors at Blume Ventures, a pivotal force in India’s startup ecosystem. Having backed over 100 startups across diverse geographies and industries, Blume Ventures focuses on addressing uniquely Indian challenges within the intricate landscape of the Indian sub-continent, emphasizing that the next wave of global startups is emerging from India.

As the AsiaBerlin delegation concludes its journey through India, the resonance of collaboration and innovation lingers. From dynamic discussions to invigorating panels, each moment has propelled us toward fostering international collaboration. The connections forged and insights gained are the seeds of future innovation. This isn’t just a chapter; it’s a testament to the possibilities when diverse talents converge. Stay tuned for more in the AsiaBerlin story, where the next wave of global startups emerges, breaking barriers and shaping the future.


The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

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Note: satellite events take place at various addresses