Berlin Landing Pad Program

About the Berlin Landing Pad Program

Berlin Landing Pad Program is an 8-week intensive program designed to equip startup founders with the right tools and skills to establish as a founder in Berlin.

The aim of this program  is to bridge the startup ecosystems of Germany and Asia through mentorship, network building and value exchange. This unique launchpad program is a mix of individual coachings, group training, personal mentorships sessions, and networking sessions catering to exceptional founders from Asia, aspiring to expand to Europe,  with a solid track record of managing businesses and a proven local customer base. 

During the program, the focus is on three core pillars in order to get the founders ready to land in Berlin:

1. Product Market Fit

2. Investor Readiness and Networking

3. Core Business Skills and Cultural integration

The Process

Application → Selection of Startups→ Program Kick-off →  8 Weeks of Group Sessions, 1on1 Sessions and Networking Sessions→ Demo Day → Alumni and Community

Here are some moments from our Berlin Landing Pad programs

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