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Day 2 of the AsiaBerlin Summit began with Senator Franziska Giffey leading a thought-provoking discussion on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the need for regulations to address emerging issues. Her insights set the stage for an engaging and impactful day, aligning perfectly with the five strategic points of the summit: Impact, Talent, Enablement, Diversity, and Cooperation.

Unleashing the Power of AI

Dr. Feiyu Xu, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at SAP SE, took the stage next, delivering a captivating talk titled “Unleashing the Power of AI.” Dr. Xu explored the evolution of AI, emphasizing its transformation from statistics to generative AI, a force that drives creativity and innovation.

Importance of Ecosystems in Entrepreneurial Growth

The program continued with a stimulating panel discussion on the crucial role ecosystems play in building and scaling companies. Esteemed panelists Dr. Tina Klüwer, Hendrik Remigereau, Han Dong, Sabrina García, and Alice Chan shared their valuable insights and experiences, emphasizing the significance of ecosystems in fostering entrepreneurial growth.

Tackling the Impact of AI on Workforces

“The Robots Are Here: How Asia & Berlin Are Tackling the Impact of AI on Workforces” was the next intriguing session. Varun Sridhar, Carsten Becker, Mirja Telzerow, and Shoba Purushothaman engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the unique creativity inherent in humans and how AI can complement human thinking without replacing it entirely.

Strengthening Ties between Asia and Germany

Before the lunch break, Philipp Rösler, Ilham Habibie, and Karena Belin led a discussion on “Strengthening Ties between Asia and Germany.” The panel explored the current state of the ecosystem and discussed potential collaborations with Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, fostering connections and opportunities.

Exploring the Potential in Guangzhou and Scaling Strategies

After a satisfying lunch, the sessions resumed with Renee Pan sharing success stories and exploring the potential in Guangzhou, the fastest-growing city in China in terms of unicorn company growth. This session shed light on the thriving opportunities in the region.

A thought-provoking discussion on scaling strategies for startups in Asia and Germany followed. Rotem Inbar, Stephanie Richter, Manori, Ikuo Hiraishi, Rohit Kapur, and Haris Rehmann led the conversation, highlighting the benefits of considering Asia as a market for German startups, including early technology adoption, attraction to “Made in Germany” innovations, and support from the German government.

Innovation in Vegan Seafood and Investor Insights

Deniz Ficicioglu of BettaFish and Ao Kamio from Japan Airlines Ventures participated in an interview conducted by Chika Yamamoto. They discussed BettaFish’s innovative vegan seafood made from seaweed and the successful implementation of vegan tuna by Japan Airlines. This session showcased the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

During the investors round, Vikram Gupta, Alex von Frankenberg, Theodore Kim, Shrenik Khasgiwala, and Karena Belin shared their insights on the questions investors focus on when evaluating startups: Why you? Why this? Why not? These valuable perspectives provided startups with a deeper understanding of investor expectations and considerations.

Startup Pitch Round and Enabling Collaboration

The highlight of the day was the startup pitch round, where 14 remarkable startups from various sectors presented their ideas. The jury faced the challenging task of selecting the main winner, ultimately awarding the title to (former Reach).

While the jury deliberated, a presentation titled “Berlin to Asia: Enabling Collaboration in the Start-up Ecosystem” showcased the programs and initiatives that facilitate collaborations between Asia and Berlin. The efforts of organizations such as Berlin Business Office Beijing, Berlin Partner, SenWEB, and the summit organizers Asia Berlin Forum e.V., were highlighted, underscoring the commitment to fostering collaboration and growth.

Networking and Reception

After Upen Barve and Rainer Seider wrapped up the day’s events, the reception hosted by Julia Münch and Kenji Matsumoto from JDZB commenced, offering participants a chance to enjoy a sumptuous dinner and engage in unlimited networking opportunities.

As the official program concluded, participants eagerly anticipated the transformative experiences that continued to shape the future of technology and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates on the remaining sessions and the exciting developments at the AsiaBerlin Summit 2023.


The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Skalitzer Straße 85/86
10997 Berlin

Note: satellite events take place at various addresses