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Investors´ Program on 6 October 2021 : ABS Satellite Event


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What is Investor Day at the AsiaBerlin Summit?

We Need Education and Access/ for both sides! This is quite clear that the younger generation is thriving to work with Asia, attracted to its fast growth and massive market, there is a need for education and bridging the gap between those 2 ecosystems and talents. How? Joint work, research and investment.  Asian investors. Founders. Key players are not having an easy life entering our ecosystem as well.  We are bringing the investor’s day as part of the Asia berlin summit exactly to open up and highlighting the ppl who are making the change but DOING and those who are in the knowledge and needs from both ecosystems to succeed working together. Talking investments on the Silk Route: An action-packed day of stimulating conversations, high profile fireside chats and panel discussions with leading angels, VC’s and Family offices from different parts of Asia and Berlin to talk about the future of startup collaboration and investments in the silk route with a special focus on our beloved city Berlin!

Date: 6th October 2021 Time:  10.30 – 17:00 CET  Location: Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH, Berlin / Online  Partners : WLOUNGE and enpact   


  1. Cross Border Investments between  Asia and Europe
  2. What works in Asia and what works in Europe: A lens through the eyes of an Investor
  3. Indo-German Investment Potential
  4. A perspective of Generational wealth management: Family offices panel discussion
  5. How to gain access to this one large market?
  6. How to raise money in China?
  7. How to seize the opportunities to scale up in the fast-moving Chinese start-up ecosystem?
  8. How to build a sustainable partnership in China?
  9. How to have an in-depth understanding of Chinese consumers?
  10. How to develop the right channel strategy?
  11.  Crossbreeding Unicorns: Why A Multi-Racial Lens Uncovers The Biggest Tech Opportunities Of The Future- investors and founders. 

List of Speakers


  1. Rachel Lau (RHL Ventures)  
  2. Patricia Sosrodjojo (AC Ventures)  
  3. Rabab Nasrallah (Earlybird) 
  4. Michael Maria Bommer (Next Big Thing)  
  5. Tony Verb (Greater Bay X)  
  6. Benjamin Joffe (SOSV)  
  7. James Song (APX)   
  8. Jag Singh (AngelInvest)  
  9. Ralph Riecke (Porsche Ventures)  
  10. Janie Yu (LFX Ventures)   
  11.  Luck Saraya (ThaiOil/Top Ventures)   
  12.  Luis Sperr (InnoEnergy)  
  13.  Dr. Marcus Krug (SAP)  
  14.  Varun Sridhar (PaytM) 
  15.  Angela De Giacomo   
  16. Mali M Baum, (WLOUNGE and MAGDA GROUP fund) 
  17.  Siddharth Borkar (Mahindra Group)  
  18.  Peter Kabel (Aecal Ventures)  
  19.  Manish singhal (Pi ventures) 
  20. Cindy Gallop (MakeLoveNotPorn) 
  21. MOMO Bi (NY Venture)  
  22. Vanessa Liu (Investor)   
  23. Bo Ji – China Start 
  24. Siddharth Bhasin 


Others,  joining but not speaking: Sebastian Schwenke (BACB), David Gower (TiE) –  , Tilo Bonow (Holtzbrinck ventures)


10:30 – 10:50: Welcoming 

Agenda for the day and an Intro to The investors club

10:50- 11:20:  Next Gen Ventures

RHL Ventures (Rachel Lau), AC Ventures,( Patricia Sosrodjojo)

11:20- 11:35   :Keynote: China Start

Bo Ji

11:35- 13:00: Panel discussion on Asia x Berlin investors on sharing best practices in each part of the world, sharing investment hypothesis on what is exciting to invest in respective geographies

Earlybird (Rabab Nasrallah) , Next Big Thing (Michael Maria Bommer), GreaterBayX (Tony Verb), SOSV (Benjamin Joffe), APX(James Song) Moderator: Jag Singh Lunch (13:00 – 13:30)

3:30- 14:15:  CVCs in Logistics Tech

Porsche Ventures (Ralph Riecke),  LFX Ventures (Janie Yu), ThaiOil/Top Ventures, (Luck Saraya) 

14:15- 15:00 : Corporate Innovation(Intrapreneurship)

InnoEnergy ( Luis Sperr),  SAP( Dr. Marcus), PayTM (Varun Sridhar)

15:00- 15:45: FireSide Chaton Tapping into Indo-German Investment Potential

Angela Di Giacomo (moderator),  Mahindra Group (Siddharth Borkar), (Aecal Ventures) Peter Kabel, Manish singhal (Pi ventures)

16:00- 17:00: Crossbreeding Unicorns: Why A Multi-Racial Lens Uncovers The Biggest Tech Opportunities Of The Future- investors and founders

Cindy Gallop MakeLoveNotPorn,   NY Venture MOMO Bi, Vanessa Liu – SAP and SilverLife , Mali M Baum, WLOUNGE and Magda group fund)   Register for AsiaBerlin Summit 2021 here. 
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Oct 06 2021


10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Skalitzer Straße 85/86
10997 Berlin

Note: satellite events take place at various addresses