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Sang Tanzer

Sang Tanzer

Founder & CEO at GmbH

Sang Tanzer is an adopted child from Korea by a German physicist and an artisan. He is the founder and managing director of GmbH. Before founding the art gallery, he participated in national and international startups for 20 years and successfully built them up with his knowledge of marketing & e-commerce. The passion for innovation and his love for art inevitably led to the development of is the new center for contemporary artworks. In the world's largest art gallery, art lovers can discover and purchase artworks such as paintings, sculptures, VR artworks and NFTs from potential blue-chip artists in an exhibition space of over 500,000 square meters. is a fully VR commerce based art gallery, bridging the gap between the immersive experience of buying in a physical art gallery, all the benefits of online stores, to having diplomatic branches in all the relevant metaverses

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The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Skalitzer Straße 85/86
10997 Berlin

Note: satellite events take place at various addresses