AsiaBerlin Investors Club 

    About   The Investors club is an invite-only exclusive community of investors with diverse profiles, including angels,family offices,and VCs, who are bound by their primary interest in exploring the tech ecosystems in the wider Asian regions and the Berlin ecosystem. We see immense unlocked potential between the startup ecosystems of Berlin and Asia given the exponential rise in the economic opportunities in Asian regions, the rising export of talent from Asia to Berlin and a promising market expansion opportunity for Berlin startups in the Asian markets.   Mission
  • To improve members’ understanding of startup ecosystems in Asia and the wider Berlin regions.
  • to create a formal vehicle to bring curated deal flows to members of the club finally to manage active investments in high-growth startups.
Why you should join? We look for investors who wish to understand and explore the connecting ties between the West and the East and facilitate investments with us.
  1. Asian investors looking to expand portfolios and companies to Europe via Berlin
  2. European investors looking to expand to Asia with our AsiaBerlin team.
  3. All interested investors having a pure interest in connecting the two ecosystems.
  Pillars of the Investors Club  The club is centered around two core pillars:
  • Community: The Investor’s Club will bring in a number of speakers throughout the year to discuss their investing experience from the Asian and European sides. This will include VCs, Corporate Investors, Program managers,     government-stakeholders, portfolio managers, and such. At the Investment Club, you will start to see regular faces. We want to curate a community of people who share our passion and interest in investing and in the AsiaBerlin corridor.
  • The AsiaBerlin startup portfolio: The portfolio will be an active startup network run by the general body of the AsiaBerlin Investment club. Regular monthly meetings will take place to decide the investment suitability of each startup. , There will be multiple selection rounds taking place culminating in the general body making a recommendation to the supervisory board for the final investment decision. 
Interested startups can reach out to us via the Typeform below to be able to pitch to our network of investors. Interested investors can fill the investor’s form to be able to join the club. For all other queries, please reach out to