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Scofield Liang

Scofield Liang

Operations Manager at THE DRIVERY GmbH

Scofield Liang is the head of operation management at the Drivery Shanghai, a marketplace for mobility innovation, providing co-working space and customized services and events for startups and large companies to help and accelerate the development of startups. Born and raised in China and an Australian National University alumnus, Scofield is an PV and renewable energy industry veteran. After joining Drivery, he focused on incubating and helping companies in the field of mobility industry, serve as a bridge connecting The German and Chinese markets, to convey Drivery's concept, service, and the spirit of our community to more young entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Partnerships for the Goals

The summit is being hosted at the following venue:

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH
Skalitzer Straße 85/86
10997 Berlin

Note: satellite events take place at various addresses